Karen M.

 "Use Magoo's Magic on my feet every time I hike, no blisters! Works great for me!" 

Canaan V.


"I tried out some of Magoo's Magic before a 20 mile run in the Sierra Nevada outside of Tahoe [...]. Magoo's Magic withstood the carnage and I was able to finish my run with no need to reapply the product and without any friction issues whatsoever. Magoo's Magic goes."  

Hamsteak Jones

 "My rear end chaffing used to get out of control and leave me dead in my tracks, especially on those hot sweaty days, not anymore!!!" 

Debby H.


"Colorado Trail - 55 miles no blisters!! Love this stuff!" 

No Bad Daze

"I was so sick last weekend and my nose was so raw. Magoo's Magic saved my face :)"

Lerin S.

 "My boyfriend recommended Magoo’s after I got the worst blisters of my life on a multi-day trek. Next hike, even with newer shoes and tender feet, I didn't get a single blister! Also used it when I started getting chafing from my pack straps and hip belt and it solved the issue. This is now a staple in my pack."