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While hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail in poorly fitting shoes, Magoo trashed his feet. Hot spots, blisters, raw skin... At the first chance, he picked up a couple different products to tend to his feet, some specifically for anti-chafing, some more general (think zinc diaper rash ointment and petroleum jelly). He tried them all. While they were better than nothing, Magoo had over 150 miles to contempl​ate how they could be improved. He came off the trail with the desire to make a salve that he could use on future treks. Turns out Magoo wasn't the only one looking for a better product, so he put together a team of outdoor enthusiasts, and "Magoo's Magic" was born. The team hit the trail to perfect the recipe and spread the word. "Magoo's Magic" has been tested and loved on the trail, on bicycles, on motorcycles, in high heels, in the saddle, at the fire station, in the hospital... and we keep discovering new uses and applications for the "Magic"!

Add Some "Magic" to your Moves


Go further, and have more fun getting there!

Made with Sustainably Harvested Beeswax


We source our wax from local beekeepers committed to sustainable harvesting.