The Official Story



While hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail in poorly fitting shoes, Magoo had once again trashed his feet. He had forgotten to apply anything to prevent the hot spots, blisters, and chafing which plagued him. Walking slowly, on account of his raw skin, Magoo had ample time on the 100 remaining miles of the TRT to dream up the ideal friction fighting salve - something better than the various products he had tried over the years. He came off the trail with the desire to make the very best salve with the very best ingredients. At first he just wanted something for his own future treks, but as it turns out, he wasn't the only one looking for a better product! A maverick team of outdoor enthusiasts and "kitchen chemists" was assembled, and Magoo's Magic was born. 

The GMC Laboratory

 The first trial batches of Magoo’s Magic were concocted in the back of a pickup truck with a camp stove retrofitted to a double boiler. There was some beeswax from Dave, the local honey guy, and Comfrey root and Calendula picked from the gardens of green-thumbed friends and family; guess you could say our roots are in the California foothills, literally! Ingredients that couldn’t be sourced from the locals were purchased from our favorite independent natural foods stores. The Magoo Crew made a pledge early on to only use organic and sustainably harvested ingredients. If we care about wilderness preservation, we must also care about responsible sourcing. Magoo’s was born out of a passion for hiking and brought into being by the support of a community.  


 The team hit the trail to spread the word. Magoo's Magic has been tested and loved on the many trails of Colorado and California, the track, on bicycles, on motorcycles, in high heels, in the saddle, at the fire station, in the hospital... and we keep discovering new uses and applications for the "Magic"! It's more than just friction prevention, try Magoo's for windburn, chapped lips, dry cuticles, eczema, diaper rash, and dry skin, etc. 

The Botanicals



Symphytum Officinale: Comfrey contains allantoin which promotes growth of new, healthy cells, greatly reducing healing time of damaged tissue. While we are happy to benefit from its healing properties, we have included comfrey in our formula for another reason: slip! When properly extracted, comfrey's chemical compounds create a thick slippery matrix that creates long lasting glide.



Calendula Officinalis: Calendula has been shown to condition and improve skin elasticity, helping to prevent friction related damage to the epidermis. In addition, it is well known for its ability to sooth existing skin irritation and inflammation. 



Althaea Officinalis: Not to be confused with the sugary fireside treat, marshmallow is an emollient herb which creates a protective film on the skin, keeping it soft, supple and resilient in the face of friction, sweat and irritation. 

The Oils

Magoo's Magic is created using a blend of naturally antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antioxidant and antiviral oils which are nourishing and soothing to the skin.

A Commitment to Organic


In an effort to minimize harmful impact on the planet and protect the water shed, we source organically produced oils and botanicals.

Made with Sustainably Harvested Beeswax


Protect the pollinators! We source our wax from US  beekeepers committed to chemical free production and sustainable harvesting.



How do I apply Magoo's to prevent blisters on my feet?

Apply your Magoo's in a thin but even layer to your entire foot, paying extra attention to the heel, Achilles, tops of the toes and ball of the foot. If you wanna get fancy, apply using a tight circular motion to effectively work it into any uneven skin.

What do I do if cold temperatures make the salve too hard to apply?

No problem! Just place the applicator, with the lid on, in your arm pit for a few minutes to soften up the beeswax. Or as an option for campers, keep it in your sleeping bag with you over night so it's ready to apply first thing in the morning before you get moving!

I am thru hiking a long trail. How can I get more Magic when I run out?

Magoo's  Magic super salve can be found on the shelves of several of your crucial resupply shops along the PCT and soon on the CDT and the AT. See our list of current retailers below. We are also happy to ship general delivery to your scheduled resupply! Just make sure you enter your resupply in  the shipping address  section and let us know it's for GD in your order notes so we can  label your shipment appropriately.

Is Magoo's safe for my kids?

Absolutely!  We  even have  customers who  use  our  super  salve to  prevent  diaper rash  on  their  babies!  Magoo's  Magic  is  gentle,  non-toxic  and kid, animal, and evironment  safe.  To prove this  point, I  once  saw  Magoo  take  a  big  bite  out of the  applicator  he always  carries.  We  don't recomend  this,  apparently  the  flavor isn't  great,  but in an  emergency situation,  Magoo's  all -purpose  salve  could even  supply  vital  calories without  causing  you  harm!  


2 Foot Adventures

Mobile Retail Shop

Big Bear Sporting Goods

40544 Big Bear Blvd

Big Bear Lake, CA. 92315

Empire Shoes

112 Mill Street

Grass Valley, CA. 95945

Julian Market 

2202 Main Street

Julian, CA. 92036

Ken's Sporting Goods

258 Main Street

Bridgeport, CA. 93517

Mammoth Gear Exchange

124 CA-168

Bishop, CA. 93514

Mammoth Mountaineering

361 Old Mammoth Road

Mammoth Lakes, CA. 93546

Sunrise Natural Foods

2160 Grass Valley HWY

Auburn, CA. 95603

Sierra Outdoor Center

440 Lincoln Way

Auburn, CA. 95603